Planning for the Future

Preparing for unexpected events is one the primary goals of estate planning. When we have all of our mental and physical faculties, we tend to take for granted the ability to make decisions regarding our own health and finances. However, who will make those does decisions for us if something renders us unable?

At A. Schancupp & Associates, L.L.C., we help New Jersey clients answer this critical question by creating powers of attorney and advance health care directives. These estate planning instruments provide peace of mind because they ensure that a person you trust will make important decisions for you when you cannot. Powers of attorney and advance health care directives also take pressure off your loved ones by designating someone to act for you, rather than forcing the family members to choose someone themselves.

Understanding the Options

Led by Essex County lawyer Arnold Schancupp, our firm takes the time to explain all options regarding end-of-life planning. These decisions are intensely personal. We understand that. Our goal is to inform you so that the choices you make are effective and appropriate. When you visit our office, we will have an in-depth conversation about your needs and goals. However, we would like to provide the following as a basic outline of powers of attorney and related tools:

  • Power of attorney: Authorizes one person to act on another’s behalf with regard to finances. The holder of the power of attorney can do everything from making investment choices to paying bills on behalf of another. Powers of attorney are also a cost-effective alternative to guardianships.
  • Advance health care directive/living will: These documents provide family members and medical professionals with direction on what they should do if you become incapacitated. An advance directive can, for example, specify whether you would want to remain on life support or not.

One of the greatest benefits of powers of attorney and advance health care directives is that they remove a tremendous burden from the shoulders of your loved ones. Without these documents, your family would need to make decisions about what should happen to you in any given situation. That is extremely stressful and can cause severe tension in any family.